Survive the End Days Review


Some people might ignore the new “apocalypse” trend, but one thing is for sure – no one can tell when the next calamity might strike. Even with our powerful technologies and modern equipment we are hardly able to predict when the next attack on our everyday lives might be. There are far too many examples of places around the world which have seen the wrath of Tsunamis or Earthquakes now. However, we are busy preparing ourselves for our vacation. Seldom do we gather the knowledge of survival during these trying times.


It is futile to stock up on piles of food if we are unable to find food that will last us for days without refrigeration. The truth is that we are hardly ever prepared for something other than the norm. This is a very true and disturbing fact. More so now than ever, the knowledge of survival might be necessary.

‘Survive the End Days’ gives us a glimpse of what it would be like to live with minimal resources. This eBook deals with all the aspects of living on low resources. But is it truly helpful? This is what we sought to investigate. Here’s what we found.


What the book Survive the End Days all about?

Survive the End Days might be termed as a self-help guide book which has step-by-step instructions on how to survive the biblical end of days. This program is authored by Nathan Shepherd, who has been a Bible scholar for the past 30 years. In this book, he tells us that during his study, he has discovered a prophecy of the “end of days” which is well hidden in the pages of Bible.

He also tells us that there are a lot of phrases in the Bible which predict that a major disaster is about the strike the world in 2017. In some of the places he also mentions that somewhere during 2017, there will be a highly intense nuclear EMP attack which will lead to the collapse of the world’s systems. This is what this book is supposed to prepare you against. He has mentioned step by step how the scenario will be and how you can cope with it when it arises.


Not only that, Nathan has also interpreted the second coming of Jesus in this book. He implies that we are now very close to the end of days, referring to the problems in Syria and the destructive earthquakes of Nepal. He also sheds some light on the conspiracy around Obama’s leadership in this book.

What can I expect to Find in Survive the End Days Program Guide?

The author has been a learned expert in Bible, and given the implications, he has spent 18 months researching it. He has put together all that he found out during his research in this one compact guide.

Hence, Survive the End Days is basically a survival guidebook which will help you find the right resources in the mid of crisis. For example, this book has information about how to find fresh water for yourself and your family. It also has tips on how to keep your family and loved ones safe during the times of emergencies. He will also teach you how to purify water so that you can drink it and store it for days.

Nathan provides tips on how to use the common items found in your kitchen as a weapon during the times of survival. You will also be shown how you can use those items to hunt or fetch. There are also tidbits on the medicines which should be kept in your first aid kit.

But perhaps the best thing that this survival program guide will teach you is to make the Faraday Cage. The Faraday cage is a type of shield or cocoon which will help safeguard your electrical devices from the harsh EMPs. And what’s more? This book teaches you how to make this cage using simple kitchen utensils.

Survive the End Days Bonus Features:

But besides the main Survive the End Days guide book, you will get two bonus items in the package. These are:

Survival Guide on surviving the chemical warfare: This is a plain guide on things that can protect you and your loved ones from chemical warfare. This guide contains skills and information on how to combat chemical warfare and still survive it with your friends and family.


Survival Guide on the Nuclear Attack: 

In this book, you will learn how to identify the symptoms of radiation sickness and how to regain your health back. It will also teach you that you can survive a nuclear attack if you follow some simple steps.

Benefits of Survive the End Days Guide:

Affordable: The survival guide comes in at just $37. The price for the book along with the other two bonus guide books makes it a steal deal.

Get prepared for the worst case scenario: It is always good for one or all members of the family to know how to survive with the least of resources. Plus, information and skills such as these can never go waste. This program guide actually teaches you something which is relevant and worth a look in times of distress.

Easy to understand: This guidebook is written in a very simple language and all the steps are clear with instructions – which make it easy to read and comprehend. The reader doesn’t need to be familiar with science or biology or any warfare tactics before starting to read.

Refundable: It comes with a full refund guarantee of 60 days. This means that you can fully read the book and within two months if you feel like this was a waste of money, you can get a full refund by contacting the author.


If nothing, this guidebook will make you feel more ready than ever. In the face of a crisis, you will feel prepared with this book as it instills confidence in you and you feel ready to take on any daily challenge with ease.

Some people see that the “end of days” predictions are some kind of hoax. However, we believe that it is good to be prepared for all circumstances. In the end, whether you believe this will happen in 2017 or not, you might want to prepare yourselves for anything. This book is loaded with information that can actually come quite handy.

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